Tuesday, 25 November 2014


The strawberry becomes on a strawberry plant. It is framed by the entire beefy repository of the blossom. It has a whitish red or yellow relying upon the mixed bag, and an elongated oval shape pretty much adjusted. In the natural sense, the "true" soil grown foods are achenes actually, these little dry grains (normally alluded mistakenly pips while the recent term ought to just assign their modest focal seed) frequently masterminded in pretty much profound pockets on strawberries, tan to green, and each one containing either an egg (unfertilized) a seed (which then conveys a seed when the cutter develops).

 The plump strawberry being structured by the flower repository (induvie developed under the impact of auxin) is the thing that we expend with or without achenes (the épépinage strawberries is to expel the nuts from whatever is left of thick tissue for get ready solidified). These are the achenes that create a hormone permitting the false foods grown from the ground of grossir2. The weight of the cutter and achenes is identified with cultivar considered, additionally fertilization mode: cross-fertilization produces strawberries and bigger achenes that autofécondation3. Strawberries pollinated by honey bees weigh, generally speaking, more than those that have been through the wind as having been self-pollinated and are likewise firm.